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* Provides supreme health services for patients & local consultants.
* Provides most advanced up-to-date medical technology, for patients seeking treatment abroad.
* Provides free medical advise and consultations from international reputable consultants together with our local    doctors, to help in decisions taken concerning their patients.
* Arrange training for local doctors abroad as part of Exchange Of Experience program.
Servo Medical Provides

* Discounted, competitive packages for offered services.
* Contacting the British Embassy & obtaining Visas for patients & companians.
* Discounted airway tickets & air ambulance if needed.
* Pick up from & to airport with a limosine or ambulance if needed, also arranging mobile vehicles within airport.
* Arrange suitable accommodation for escorts or patients after discharge from hospital among a variety of facilities inside or outside the hospital,

* Also offering free of charge Arabic interpreters to facilitate the whole Process & offered services.

Servo Medical Services

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